Item #: QPL-21100-C2P
Manufacturer : GE Automation
Series : QuickPanel Jr.
Warranty : 3 years
Description : Color STN 6 GE Fanuc Total Control QuickPanel

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Product Description

Quickpanel Jr. Series Decription

The QuickPanel family of thin profile (less than 3″) touchscreen graphical operator interfaces is a practical, cost effective option to a number of discrete devices from push buttons and pilot lights to message centres. Free form dynamic and stationary images may be put into depict an info-rich image to the operator in one glimpse.

Despite its modest size, the QuickPanel’s 5″ or 6″ diagonal screen with 320W x 240H pixel format gives a sharp display in colour or monochrome. Each unit communicates with all major IEDs via ModBus® RTU protocol through either an RS485 or RS232 interface at 19.2 kpbs. The industrially constructed QuickPanel is rated NEMA 12/4X.

QuickDesigner is a friendly Windows® established graphical editor that’s common to all of the QuickPanel versions.

QuickDesigner provides an all-inclusive group of oriented pictures or panel operators including pushbuttons, selector switches, pilot lights, numeric and text information screens, bar graph displays, static and dynamic bitmapped, and much more. All these operators function as naturally as its discrete counterpart — push buttons toggle on and off at a touch, pilot lights glow to indicate active status and so on.

The QuickPanel, along with the QuickDesigner applications gives a straightforward yet versatile user interface that can improve your accessibility to information and control functions at a low installed cost.

Why buy from Quickpanel-HMI.com?

This HMI is covered by a 3 year warranty. This warranty covers any material or workmanship defects within 3 years of purchase. We strive to make sure every Quickpanel that leaves our warehouse is handled with extreme care. Our highly trained staff cleans and tests every HMI before an extensive refurbishment process. Each Quickpanel HMI goes through a checklist to ensure working order. The exterior is checked and fixed of any defects while any interior componant not up to snuff is replaced with OEM parts.

The care doesn’t stop there either. We foam pack each product to ensure that your HMI arrives safe. We go above factory authorized standards to ensure that you get the part you need quickly, affordably, and in exceptional condition.



Additional Information


GE Fanuc Total Control


QuickPanel Jr.

Part Number


Screen Size


LCD Type

TFT Color Display

Input Voltage

120 VAC

NEMA Rating

Type 4X/12 IP65

Software Version

QuickDesigner Version 3.7